About Us

Football fans where you at? Especially NFL, are you there?! Hi! I’m Kimmy Larson and I am sharing with you my love of NFL! I was raised by a dad who loves anything NFL and growing up with three brothers who love it as much – I grew to love the sport as well.

Bonding times are spent watching NFL games and of course a family member never misses the Superbowl! It is mortal sin-like to miss that kind of event in our family.

I also got married to my beautiful and wonderful husband, Eric and thank the heavens, love football as much as I do. Part of our football addiction is jersey collecting as well.

We not only wear it to watch the games, but we also buy them for our collection. It started when we gave dad a vintage, NFL jersey for his birthday.

It was a great gift idea and dad loved it so much. This started our fascination with throwback jerseys. Since then, we have been collecting them and sharing our finds through this blog!