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Key components to have a digitisation studio

Key components to have a digitisation studio

If you aspire to be a full-time recording artist, investing in a home recording studio is a great option.  A digital home studio can be a good investment for the upcoming artist who wants to record and mix their own tracks. This option is more convenient and economical because you can easily set it up in your room, in a garage or maybe in a spare room inside your house.

And before you start planning and setting up your home studio, make sure you have these key components to get your digitisation studio running effectively:

  • Computer. One of the most important element in setting up a studio is a computer. A fast, reliable and up to date computer is very essential since recording and online mixing software and applications are downloadable. A computer with a high-speed internet will also help in connecting all your gadgets and tools altogether.
  • Software and Applications. The good thing about having your own studio is the wide range of software options that you can choose online. You can research and download trial software versions to find out if it fits your specific recording and mixing needs. You can also subscribe to different sites to know more about the software and applications that can provide the best option for your home studio. Maybe visit some studios like to know more about mixing and mastering.
  • The studio space. Any space with privacy and proper ventilation inside your house can be your potential studio. Some people prefer the garage or basement since it has a natural acoustic feedback in it. You try to test each room inside your house and check which space has the best acoustical feedbacks.
  • Microphones. It is very important to invest in a quality microphones because it contributes to the overall sound of your recording. You can achieve different tones and variety of sounds if you have the best quality microphones
  • Speaker / Monitors and Headphones. High quality speakers and headphones are also essential since you will be listening a lot to of sounds and tones inside your studio. You don’t need large a system of speakers because you only have a small space. You can use some high quality wireless monitors and speakers so you can easily move them around if needed. A pair of wireless headphones are also perfect if you are planning to connect to all your gadgets.
  • Mixing Console. Some home studios prefer to use an online mixing tool rather than buying a full mixing console. Some musicians still prefer to use them since their gears can be easily hooked up with the mixing board while other prefer the online digital mixer because they are easy to manipulate. Using a mixer can help you in changing the overall tones and dynamics of your recordings.
  • Studio Furnishings and other accessories. Some famous artist and musicians have their own studio complete with all the furnishings just like in a large commercial one. Since you are just having a small studio at home, you can add a few simple furnishings that can make you comfortable while recording. Some prefer a couch or bench if groups or bands are using it. Some stools, comfy chairs and a few coffee table that can also serve as a working table for songwriters. Mike stands, guitar stands, and carpeting are also nice if you can have them at your studio.

These are some of the few basic components that you will need to look for then you can start on preparing to set up your own digitisation studio at home.