NFL uniforms are constantly evolving, so here at, we are always looking at what the best NFL jerseys were throughout the generations. Today we are going to go through our list of the best NFL jerseys from 1985 - 2000.

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Dallas Cowboys1994 Dallas Cowboys AlternateFew NFL Football teams are as iconic as the Cowboys, and early in the 90’s they capitalized on these alternate jerseys. Cowboys fans, and collectors alike can look to a roster full of stars that has something for everyone. Players on that team include Deion Sanders, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Emmett Smith, Larry Allen, Leon Lett, and the list goes on.

Philadelphia Eagles1992 Philadelphia Eagles Home - These green jerseys with white letters are timeless, and what makes this particular vintage special is the patch that commemorates the passing of Jerome Brown, who passed in a car accident before the season. There are three players that are must-own in this year. You have the obvious two in Randall Cunningham, and Reggie White, but you also have the great Seth Joyner, who I’m sure Eagles fans will remember fondly.

1998 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Home - The days of the creamsicle and the Buccaneer on the helmet have long since passed, and this iteration of the Bucs jerseys was straight fire. They had transitioned over to the pirate ship, and a much darker orange. This Bucs team was also starting to get close to winning and had lots of fun players to watch. This team featured Warrick Dunn, Mike Alstott, Warren Sapp, Hardy Nickerson, Derrick Brooks, and John Lynch, all of these players will provide some street cred amongst Bucs fans today.

Detroit Lions1992 Detroit Lions Home - Let’s go all the way back to the last time the Lions won a playoff game (yes it has seriously been that long). The 92 Lions jerseys featured Honolulu blue with white numbers. You can walk around anywhere with one of these featuring Barry Sanders and you’re bound to have someone stop you and tell you their favorite story about the legendary runner. But if you want street cred on the streets of Detroit, you can look for a Lomas Brown, Herman Moore, Robert Porche, or Chris Spielman.

New England Patriots2000 New England Patriots Home - The dynasty hadn’t quite started yet in Boston, but these jerseys were one of a kind. They featured a much lighter blue than the navyish color they use today. Why the 2000 vintage well this was the first pro jersey of Tom Brady. This team missed the playoffs, but it had many of the earmarks of the teams that went on to dominate the next decade. Brady is obvious, but you also have Teddy Bruschi, Willie McGinist, Ty Law, and a few others.

Houston Oilers1990 Houston Oilers Home - These beauties were powder blue, with white numbers and red trim. This Oilers team was one of the great passing attacks of its time. They had three 1000 yard receivers in Haywood Jeffries, Drew Hill, and Ernest Givins, and of course a great quarterback in Warren Moon. That year Moon threw for the ball almost 600 times, accumulating 4700 yards and 33 touchdowns. This offence was ahead of its time.